Nutrition for Life and Performance (PDF)

Recipes for Nutrition



Tricep Push Up

Standing Bicep Curl

Squat with Bicep Curl Rotation

Single Leg Deadlift

Plank Alt Arm

One Arm Row – Staggered Stance

Lateral Lunge with Woodchop

Lateral Lunge with Back Row

Double Leg Deadlift

Dead Bug Movement

Crab Dips

Transverse Step Back Lunge

Dynamic Flexibility

Walk Out Stretches

Walking Quadriceps Stretch

Chest Stretch

Torso Hip Flexor Twist

Hip Mobility

Hip Flexor Stretches

Knee Cradle

Lateral Lunge

Knee Hugs

Glute Activation

One Legged Balance Cone Reach

Glute Bridge

Right Laying Clams

Side Band Walks

Mini Band Walks

Foam Rolling

Rolling Out Your QL

Foam Roll Stretch and Exercise

Foam Rolling for your Quads

Foam Roller Piriformis Muscle

Rolling Out Your Lats

TFL and IT Band Stretch on Foam Roll

Hamstring Stretches

Foam Rolling Your Calf