Chicago Personal Training


  • Single class $25
  • 10 class pack $200 — 3 month expiration
  • 25 class pack $475 — 6 month expiration
  • 50 class pack $800 — 1 year expiration

OYM unlimited monthly classes $220* – This includes access to all classes at both locations, general membership and computrainer membership.

*Paid in full at start of month. Months cannot be pro-rated. Auto-renew every month until cancelled. Go online to register for ALL classes.

NEW members receive one FREE Week of classes, for local residents only! To obtain your free week, you must “purchase” this in the online store — your credit card will not be charged. OYM asks that you arrive 15 min early to class to warm up and sign a waiver.

Personal Training

Whether it’s your first time in a gym in 15 years or you take the idea of “sweatpants” literally, we’ll design a program to suit your individual goals. Don’t worry. It will only hurt a little.

Training Sessions with Annette Fiscelli or Emily Hutchins

1 session – $200
5 sessions – $950
10 sessions – $1,800
20 sessions – $3,400

Training Sessions with OYM Staff Trainers

1 session – $125
5 sessions – $600
10 sessions – $1,150
20 sessions – $2,200


OYM contructs written, custom programs for any endurance athlete. Test results are the forefront to constructing a program that is right for you. Results vary from each individual; it’s our responsibility to make you the strongest athlete possible–and you WILL be–guaranteed.

Written program which begins at $50/month, depending on what sort of needs have to be addressed.

Nutritional Guidance

Do you feel like no matter how hard or how often you work out, your body just won’t change?  That’s because the key to seeing change and reaching your goals isn’t working out, it’s having the proper nutrition to fuel those workouts and your body.  We will work with you to change your diet and habits in a way that fits your needs and lifestyle so you can reach your goals.  You won’t believe how quickly the proper nutrition can make the difference you have been looking for.

Athletic Testing

The Lactate Threshold Test is the most important test an athlete will ever take. Armed with the very precise training zones prescribed by the test, we can now set up a periodized training plan that puts the athlete in the right training zones at the right time in order to peak for the main event.

This test is used to determine an athlete’s power and heart rate at their lactate threshold. The point at which lactic acid is being produced quicker than it can be metabolized. An athlete able to produce the most power, for the most time without crossing their lactate threshold is the one most likely to win the race.

Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis is commonly used to help athletes run more efficiently and to identify posture-related or movement-related problems in people with injuries.Shock absorption and energy conservation are important aspects of efficient gait. Insufficient force output by muscles may result from disuse, primary muscle disease, or neurological impairment.

OYM uses Dartfish video motion software to record and analyze your running stride and capture any inefficiencies one may have. After analysis, corrective exercises accompany an extensive lifting routine to correct any imbalances to make one most efficient.

Kid’s Room

On Your Mark Coaching & Training is pleased to offer a space just for your little ones at our Bucktown location!

Enjoy a class (or two!) and leave your little darlings with one our trained childcare staff. We don’t change dirty diapers, but we’ll engage your child in some fun activities while you burn off the baby weight. And yes, you can still call it baby weight even if your baby is now learning to conjugate Spanish verbs.