If you’ve gotten this far, you’re thinking about making some changes. Rock on. Whether you’ve been working out all along but are sidelined because of an injury, if you feel stalled in your current regimen, or you just decided that today was the day, personal training is a great way to jumpstart your fitness routine.

You won’t find any Nautilus machines at OYM. Instead, our trainers use weights, medicine balls, lines we’ve painted on the floor, and the latest in scientific research to create a custom workout just for you. We even have a tractor tire, but we usually don’t bring that out until your second day.

Personal training is an excellent way to address any specific goals or problems that you have, from running your first 5K to rehabbing an injury. Not everyone wants to bench their bodyweight, but everyone wants to move freely through their day, whether that day includes chasing toddlers or quarterbacks.


One-and-Done – $160 This is a one-time-only service for new members who just want to get their feet wet. Whether you have your own workout regimen or you’re just thinking about starting a program, this no-commitment option includes a 30-minute fitness assessment, a 30-minute goal assessment, and 30 minutes of training. You’ll leave with a routine you can do on your own, and hopefully a little inspiration.

Training Sessions with Owner, Emily Hutchins

1 session – $200
5 sessions – $950
10 sessions – $1,800
20 sessions – $3,400

Training Sessions with OYM Staff Trainers

1 session – $125
5 sessions – $600
10 sessions – $1,150
20 sessions – $2,200


CANCELLATION POLICY: Registration for personal training can be made up to a year in advance. Personal training sessions must be canceled 12 hours prior to the start if you cannot attend or you will not be refunded.