Our Philosophy


On Your Mark Coaching + Training is dedicated to helping clients perform at their best. Whether that client is a quarterback or a stay-at-home mom, what we teach here at the studio is designed to translate into the real world.

At On Your Mark, our highly-educated staff are focused on functional movement. Our small group classes and personal training are designed around what our muscles are intended to do, and how the different parts of your body work together to achieve optimum performance, whether it’s to run 26.2, chase a 2-year-old or simply fit into your favorite jeans.

Equipped with the best education, tools, and technique, our passionate and well-educated trainers excel at inspiring you to work hard to help you meet your goals—it really is all about you.  OYM makes your workouts intense and enjoyable at the same time, obviously why wouldn’t we want to be having fun?

Our clients range from every day people to professional athletes, and while everyone’s fitness goals are different, everyone wants to move freely throughout their day. At OYM, we combine the latest fitness and nutrition science with good, old fashioned sweat to help you achieve functional, life-altering results. And plenty of fist pumps and high-fives along the way.


Our Team

Annette Fiscelli                                                                                                                                             ANNETTE_OYM__2013_0149

Back in the day I would do ESPN fitness video after fitness video for hours on end so it was pretty clear I like to exercise. I started reading and studying anything I could get my hands on that related to my workouts. I wanted everyone to love this as much as I did! The dream came true and someone gave me a chance, strapped a microphone on me and… more


Emily Hutchins, Personal Trainer - On Your Mark (OYM) ChicagoEmily Hutchins

Passion for racing and coaching is what Emily has brought to the table with OYM. Emily has been training clients and coaching athletes for over 7 years. Her background in performance testing (lactate threshold and VO2 max) has provided her with the essential tools to advance her clientele to a level of excellence. She is driven by clients and athletes who are motivated… more


Brittaney McGary OYM ChicagoBrittaney McGary

As a chiropractor, sports rehab specialist, and personal trainer, Brittaney has a wide variety of methods to improve movement patterns, exercise restrictions, and athletic achievement for her clients/patients. After completing her Doctorate and Masters degrees at Logan College of Chiropractic, Brittaney gained solid experience with professional athletes of all levels… more


Olivia May, OYM ChicagoOlivia May

Olivia May grew up in North Carolina with dreams of swimming in the the Olympics. When those dreams went out with the tide in high school, she took up coaching her childhood team and continued until moving after college. Ever the performer she started dancing at 15 and eventually went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance performance. After graduating she… more


Pat Cook OYM ChicagoPat Cook

Pat Cook has been involved with endurance sports his entire life. Growing up as a swimmer, he became involved with triathlon after he learned to bike and run. He has completed all distances of triathlon and specializes in international distance racing. Pat enjoys riding, fixing, and talking about bikes but his favorite class to teach at OYM is run. “I love the person on a treadmill who’s… more



Danielle York, Personal Trainer in ChicagoDanielle York

I never liked to sweat. My Mom is a fitness instructor, and her classes revolve around squats, lunges and free weights. I love to feel that burn in a muscle. It’s what I was raised on. It wasn’t until college that I began to participate in cardio classes. I took a cardio kickboxing class, and I was hooked! This workout combined muscle conditioning with cardio work, and I enjoyed… more


Pappas crop 2Christina Pappas

Growing up, you could either find me on the soccer field or in the kitchen cooking with my dad.  My passion for both being active and food has only grown throughout the years.  Four years ago, I was bored with my marketing job and I realized I needed to combine my two loves, health and food, and learn everything I could about nutrition. I quit my job and started my long road toward becoming a registered dietitian… more


Robyn RabickeRobyn web

From early childhood, gymnastic and recreational sports were the foundation of Robyn’s life.  As time progressed, fitness and an active healthy lifestyle became a natural, everyday routine.  Robyn has been part time teaching group exercise and personal training for over eight years.  Recently making a career change to work in the health and fitness industry full time, Robyn brings a well rounded background… more


JackJack the Dog, OYM Chicago

Jack was adopted and brought on board with OYM in the fall of 2007. His duties have ranged from cleaning treadmills and starting games of tug-o-war, to greeting guests. Jack has a skill set like no other when it comes to making sure everyone is happy while at OYM, and is always available for the post-workout high five.  Though he is very good at what he does… more