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PT Services

Dr. Sarah Plumley


Mason West

Physical Therapist at Ignite

Dr. Sarah Plumley is a dual credentialed physical therapist and certified athletic Trainer earning her doctorate degree from Midwestern University.  Sarah comes from a strong orthopaedic and sports medicine background as she was the United States Women’s National Soccer Team’s Physical Therapist and worked in Division I athletics at DePaul University. She was also the physical therapist for the Broadway Show “Riverdance” and worked with the semiprofessional baseball team the Windy City Thunderbolts. Post operative care, injury prevention, return to workouts/sports, corrective exercise, dry needling, and manual therapy are Sarah’s strongest skill set.
Physical Therapy Services offered:
Orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation
Concussion management
Dry needling
Graston Technique
Manual and manipulative medicine
Video analyzed & systematic return to play testing
Video gait analysis
Athletic training services


Insurance accepted along with cash based packages for maintenance or manual therapies.



Please contact Dr. Sarah Plumley for all inquires
and scheduling: 815-762-0225