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On Your Mark Coaching + Training is dedicated to helping clients perform at their best

On Your Mark has been established since 2007 and is over 15 years into the industry. Our philosophy has always stood its ground, performance is built on efficient movement and how that translates to high level performance and longevity. We are not concerned with how many calories you burn, we ARE concerned about how well you move. After all, you have to walk before you run. We firmly believe that the foundation needs to be strong and the right steps need to be in place in order to expect your body to operate at its highest level.


The OYM training Team is small and that’s how we like it. We are a family and we hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism and we develop our team to be industry leaders. The talent and education of the training Team at OYM is extensive, from retired professional athletes to exercise physiology experts, the roster experience is at a high level. The Team can accommodate any type of athlete and all levels of clientele with each selected exercise paired with a progression and regression if necessary. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or run the Chicago Marathon, we have you covered.


In addition, we have partnered with Ignite Physical Therapy in order to help facilitate an injury free environment and to help elevate the experience at OYM.


We welcome you to come be a part of our Family!


Emily Hutchins

BA Exercise Science
CPT Sports Performance
Corrective Exercise Speciliast
Nike Master Trainer
Nike Run Coach
Vertimax Master Trainer
Best hair in the gym

Emily Hutchins | Owner

Emily is the Owner of On Your Mark Coaching and Training. She is also a Nike Master Trainer and a Nike Running Club Coach. As a business owner and fitness professional, she has committed to creating a high-level training experience at OYM.


Emily’s background as an endurance athlete and coach have made her highly influential and respected throughout the industry. Her educational belief in “function” has driven the expectations for both small group training and personal training. Emily’s commitment to evolving has allowed OYM to thrive since ’07.


As a Performance Enhancement Specialist, Nike Master Trainer and Nike Run Club Coach, she has had a global presence. Emily has lead group workouts, programmed for the Nike Training Club app, and made appearances as a Nike brand ambassador. On behalf of Nike, she has worked in Moscow, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles Portland, and Hawaii, as well as locally in Chicago.

When not at OYM, you can find the TimeOut Chicago ’13 Hottest Trainer award-winner eating pizza at Flo and Santos with her dog, Jack.


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Christina Brynes

Board certified Dietician
Loves burpess and beans

Sean Eder

Sports performance
Youth specialist
Can grow a beard faster than anyone on the planet

Robyn Rabicke

Yoga specialist
All around bad ass

Alison Shorthal

Extensive background in Crossfit, provides her the tools on how to perform big lifts that most cannot execute well.

James Towns

Sports Performance
Executes high energy every class or training session,
and of course loves long walks on the beach

Sarah Plumley

Owner Ignite Physical Therapy
Head PT
Too many qualifications to list!
She can fix you, we promise

Mason West

Physical Therapist at Ignite
Best nose ring in the gym



Jack the Dog


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