On Your Mark | Coaching and Training in the West Loop and Bucktown
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OYM is a Class Pass Top 10 Studio Partner!

Personal Training

Clients deserve high quality training, with that comes high quality trainers.  On Your Mark trainer’s are held to high standards of delivering an elite experience to clients of all levels.  OYM trainers strengths vary from corrective exercise specialists to performance enhancement specialist.  They have worked with clients from all walks of life, from the high level executive, with those who have never stepped foot inside a gym, to professional athletes.  You too, deserve a high level experience, come train with us.

Small Group Classes

OYM has cultivated an environment that facilitates top notch group training. OYM small group classes range from strength, endurance, hiit, to performance.  Our mission with our classes is to ensure you walk away having learned something and feeling like more of an athlete than when you walked through our doors.  It’s our mission to elevate group training, as there are many options out there, we guarantee an exceptional experience every-time.  We’re not in this industry to feed you to the wolves, we want YOU to grow, learn and perform better every time you come in.

Recovery Lounge

Along with training, comes recovery.  We believe enhanced performance is directly related to recovery.  Our recovery lounge is outfitted with NormaTech recovery boots which allow you to recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation.

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On Your Mark Coaching + Training is dedicated to helping clients perform at their best.


On Your Mark has 2 facilities where athletes go to move better and learn. We define “function” as exercises and movements that carry over into everyday life. How we move inside OYM should positively impact how we move outside OYM. By focusing on muscular integration, we reinforce what the body is designed for: working as a unit, not in isolation. Every exercise has a purpose; every movement has intention. Our program is designed to help clients move better and feel better; to correct imbalances and strengthen weaknesses.

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Beginning the day after Thanksgiving (Friday, November 25, 2016) through Christmas Eve, participants are challenged to take 35 classes in 30 days to not just feel good about themselves, but win ultimate prizes and be a part of the BIG REWARD CLASS!

Kick start your workout, or simply keep up the great work you already do by taking 35 classes–you can take one a day, or do a double class, or even a triple if you¹re feeling adventurous!

Did we mention that if you complete your 35-class challenge, OYM will offer a special class for you! Get a sweaty, heart-pounding start to 2017 with a special, two-and-a-half hour class only for people who completed the challenge.


Open to anyone
Unlimited Monthly members are automatically included
All participants receive a free water bottle and verbal abuse
Must complete 35 classes to receive entrance to the Big Reward Class


$220 (includes a membership for new members!)

Our clients range from every day people to professional athletes, and while everyone’s fitness goals are different, everyone wants to move freely throughout their day. At OYM, we combine the latest fitness and nutrition science with good, old fashioned sweat to help you achieve functional, life-altering results. And plenty of fist pumps and high-fives along the way.