On Your Mark | Our Core
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Our Core


We define “function” as exercises and movements that carry over into everyday life. How we move inside OYM should positively impact how we move outside OYM. By focusing on muscular integration, we reinforce what the body is designed for: working as a unit, not in isolation. Every exercise has a purpose; every movement has intention. Our program is designed to help clients move better and feel better; to correct imbalances and strengthen weaknesses.

Personal Training

Do we personal train? Of course, we do. Personal training is an excellent way to address any specific goals or problems that you have, from running your first 5K to rehabbing an injury. Not everyone wants to bench their bodyweight, but everyone wants to move freely through their day, whether that day includes chasing toddlers or quarterbacks. Book an appointment today!

PT Rates:

1 session —$150

6 sessions — $870

12 sessions — $1680

24 sessions — $3240



The heart is the most important muscular organ in the body. Whether riding, running, or rowing (or all three), these interval-based circuits are built to maximize the benefits of heart rate training through the Rate of Perceived Exertion. Be ready to sweat and pant!


Everyone needs to get stronger. Whether the goal is to add lean muscle or build a functional foundation, strength is essential for strong bones, low body fat, and healthy muscles. Be ready to lift some weights!


We all have bodies, so we are all athletes. Power, speed, and agility are major components of these athletic conditioning classes. The ability to move with precision, and have control over our limbs is a must. Be ready to move your feet!


Life is dynamic, so we train dynamically. Interval cross-training incorporates the best of multiple modalities, allowing for unlimited variety and creativity. Be ready to test your conditioning!