On Your Mark | Emily Hutchins
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Emily Hutchins | Owner

For over 15 years, Emily has worked with various clients of all walks of life, and is rewarded in watching clients improve their lives through something as powerful as fitness.

Emily’s background in Exercise Science, performance testing (lactate threshold and VO2 max), and biomechanics has provided her the essential tools to advance her clientele to a level of excellence. She is driven by clients and athletes who are motivated to learn and committed to improving.

Emily’s philosophy is quite simple, train hard, but train smart. Your body is built on a foundation of 4 principals; function, endurance, athleticism and recovery. With these 4 principals, you are building a lifetime of increased performance whether you are striving to lose those last couple pounds or completing your 100th Ironman. To her, that doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that you are most efficient with what you have, which in turn is a long life of great health.

As a Performance Enhancement Specialist, Nike Master Trainer and Nike+ Run Coach, Emily serves as a spokesperson for the brand, develops athletic content, leads Chicago area Nike classes and runs, makes personal appearances on behalf of the brand and leads Nike fitness summits worldwide (Moscow, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago).